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TOPIC FOR THIS MONTH: Broken heart, new start



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  • I come from a culture where you dance whether you are happy, sad, mad, confused, in conflict, in celebration - for everything! When my heart is heavy, my whole body becomes heavy. Being someone that listens to music ALL THE TIME, it's so tempting to listen to heavy music, to something that 'fits the mood'. I've learned time and time again, that when you do that with a broken heart, music that fits the mood just makes you sink and fall deeper into that dark hole of despair, hopelessness, false guilt, shame...all of it! Things is, God is right there next to us through it all, hurting with us. All those dark feelings aren't coming from him. He wants nothing more than for us to see how much more he has to show us, how this is not the end, that this is something to make us stronger and more resilient. So, as hard as it may be, when my heart is heavy and broken, I put on some music that praises the Father for who he is with a beat my body can't resist lol. This is an example. There's so much music out there that can really lift you up and raise up praise and prayer all at the same time. All will be well. God got us.
  • Part of my Words to the Wise poetry series. Come and share your poetry or any encouraging songs that have helped you overcome a broken heart