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Freddy "Jay" Walker

The Renaissance Man

Freddy "Jay" Walker, composer, musician, director, model, and actor, started his early career in pharmaceuticals but could not escape his passion of the arts. Self-taught, he started performing, composing, and arranging music at a young age and has been recognized for his musical gifts by Oscar and Emmy-winners in the industry.   

Avai d'Amico

The Adventurer

Avai d'Amico, award-winning cinematographer and adventurer, moved to Tucson for the warm climate and inexpensive cost of living, but quickly fell in love with scaling vertical cliff faces along the mountain ranges surrounding the city. He primarily works on feature films and music videos.


Bones - New Single

The latest release from 1FP is "Bones" starring our own Freddy Jay with cinemtography by Avai d'Amico.

Contact us to get started on your very own career-advancing music video. 


The Light in Us All - Emotional/Orchestral Composer Series 

The Light in Us All is a composition about finding the beauty and light throughout the twists and turns of life. The beginning of the musical journey is the process of noticing the light, and the end is the glorious triumph of overcoming the darkness and basking in the rays of light that we each have and carry inside of us.

The Show - Halloween Composer Series 

"Welcome to the show. All can come but few can go." The Show takes you on a deranged rollercoaster ride with sounds and music inspired by IT, Sinister, SAW, Pet Sematary, and more. Can you survive the wild ride? Will you try to escape?